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Dr. Seuss’ Alien Invasion | Short Fiction (Under 500 Words)


In a green, green meadow by the white, stark tundra, stood a bright, young girl beneath a spaceship’s dark umbra.

With her mouth in the shape of a big, empty “O,” she watched the ship rattle and sway, lights all aglow.

Not long did she stare, before the ship began to break. It crashed to the Earth with a ground-shaking quake

She rushed forward – so filled with desire – to discover who it was; “Who owned the crashed flyer?”

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6 Books that Taught Me How to Write Better

Last week, I picked up a book that promised to teach me how to write a novel.

Yesterday, I threw it across the room.

I was only half-way through when I began skimming in earnest, and by the end I was so sick of it, I didn’t even bother reading the names of the chapters. The advice was so wrong for me – right for somebody, maybe. Maybe someone who was dying to hear some encouraging words and a writing prompt – “You can do it! Write about how you can do it!”

Where were the examples of exquisite descriptions or punchy dialogue? How could I learn about structure without ever looking at one? When was it going to stop talking about writing, and start showing me how to write better?!

So, I went to my laptop, flung open the lid, and tapped furiously until Google answered my question. The results left a bad taste in my mouth . . .

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Short Fiction – “Selfless”


Stop everything.

Within forty-eight millionths of a second, the world locked in place. I couldn’t lift my arms, nor move my lips. Drops of rain came to a halt, some frozen in the air above my windshield, some exploding like crystal flowers against the glass.

To my left, there was a car – facing the wrong way – in my lane. I could see the driver’s face, a woman about fifty years old, her eyes wide with the first signs of understanding. Perhaps she was seeing her life flash before her eyes, as they say.

It would be an easy task to swerve out of her way and save her life, except for the other car.

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