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Haunted House

Someone I’ve Never Met Before (Short Fiction: Under 200 Words)

My agent’s face was sweating, trying to sell that house to me, even as my breath turned to vapor in the cold. The seclusion, the fact that you couldn’t see anything beyond the trees that grew around it, that’s why I wanted it.

Old house, haunted house. My agent hired a truck for me, but made many excuses to leave as soon as she could. I was the only one there, yet I was not alone.

That first night I remember trying to get warm under sheets that never seemed thick enough, with my breath coalescing in the frigid air, hanging over me like a specter.

In the moment just before sleep buried me with unconscious, I felt the sheets lift, ever so gently, and her cold, ethereal form slip next to me.

I heard a voice, like ice sliding over ice, “I’ve missed you.”

I’ve written plenty of ‘weird’ fiction, but never anything that came close to horror. 

So? Did you feel anything? What, if anything in this short piece, made you think? Leave your thoughts below in the comments, and don’t forget to like and follow the blog.

Image courtesy of Martyn Smith via Flickr Creative Commons. 

Mapping Character Change Using Psychological Theory by Phil Lowe

Need help developing your characters? Read this fantastic post from Scriptangel’s Blog, and learn how to use realistic personality changes to round out your writing.

Scriptangel's Blog

I’ve tended to focus in this series on personality models which emphasise how different we all are, as it’s generally the differences between characters which lead to drama. But let’s break the rule for the last in the series and look at a model which says we are all exactly the same when it comes to responding to a change in our circumstances – and which creates drama through a battle we have with our own psyche.

If you’re doing your job as a writer, your characters will spend a lot of time wrestling with some kind of change: losing a job, getting a job, receiving bad news, meeting a new partner, finishing with an existing partner, having an accident, being betrayed… Without change there is no drama. And our ability to understand the impact of change on a person comes from the “transition curve”, courtesy of a doctor who…

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Laughing Boy

Letter to a Loved One (Flash Fiction: Under 100 Words)

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you.

You, so slow and laughably unintelligent. Yet, I don’t know where I would be without you.

Your glow, like the sickly light of a bug zapper, a blinding beacon in the dark.

Your warmth, almost unbearable, but that’s just how you are (not when we first met, but for now, and until the day you die). And your humming, so quiet, but always there. Always, always there.

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you, my beloved computer. I’ve missed you so.

The End.

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Image courtesy of Kannan Muthuraman via Flickr Creative Commons