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Mountain Sunrise

The High Mountain (Flash Fiction: 154 Words)

They lived in the shade of the High Mountain, which made it easier for her. When she came, they were lined up in the streets, heads bowed for their daily prayer. Hundreds of shadows slid down the mountain as her fleet eclipsed the Sun, and the worshipers looked up.

The worshipers pointed; a pregnant, black behemoth slowed over the mountain, covering the city in darkness. The worshipers shook their fists, and they yelled at her.

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5 Blogs for Writers (Bonus: Danger?)

I’m going to do something dangerous at the end of this post. This is an experiment, and I’m desperately hoping I don’t break something.

But first, a list! These are some of the best writing blogs out there that are not on WordPress. You probably aren’t on this list, and for that I’m SORRY, but you already know how to find good blogs around  here. Without further ado, I present you:


P.S. Hoffman’s Very Short List of Very Good Blogs That Will

Teach You How to Write Gooder

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How to Make Your Writing Smell Better

Fog settled over the village and I thought the houses looked like they were huddling together in the cold.

One house stood apart from the others, a tilting mess with off-colored smoke pouring out of the chimney. A sign with the word Alchem- etched in fading white letters hung over the front door.

The house seemed to shudder as I approached. Before I could knock, the door slammed open, and a horse-sized plume of smoke belched from inside. The alchemist stumbled out of the house, coughing and clapping his beard between both hands to put out the last of the flames.

“Ah, you must be my three o’clock.” The alchemist hacked something from his throat, apologized, and stuck an ashy hand out to greet me, “P.S. Hoffman, correct?”

“Thank you for meeting me on such short notice.”

“Not to worry, not to worry. I know just the thing to sort out your problem. Now, were you the one with the fissures? No, that was someone else, you were…” He scratched at the blackened tips of his beard, frowning.

I cupped a hand around my mouth, whispering, “I’m here about the -”

OH YES. YOU’RE THE WRITER WITH THE BORING STORIES!” The alchemist shouted, stamping his foot triumphantly. The house shuddered again.

“Don’t be shy now, come in, I have just the thing for you.”

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7 Useful Writers You Should Follow on Twitter

I tried it, I dipped my toes into Twitter. And it was like dipping my toes into acid.

Somehow, I just knew it wasn’t my thing. But after all the flesh melted off of my bones, and I lost the ability to feel anything, I found something I liked. And then, something else. And something else and ohnoI’monTwitternow. I tweeted. I’m a twitterer… er?

I swear, it’s good for your writing. Twitter teaches you how to be concise, how to connect with your readers (though I hear it’s better for connecting with agents or editors), and who knows? You might learn something about writing!

Here are some of the people I’ve started following, and a few reasons why YOU should follow them, if you want to improve your writing.

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3 Reasons to Love a Minecraft Sellout

In this post, I’m going to break away from writing to talk about successful artists and sellouts.

You work hard. You write stories (or make games, or direct films, etc.), and one day someone recognizes you. They compliment you, they tell you how much they love your work. They tell you it’s changed their life.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

But your story doesn’t stop there. People start to recognize you everywhere you go. Your work has hooked into something fundamental, something mysteriously powerful, and the mainstream has carried it far out of your control. People are obsessed with your work, hundreds, millions.

Your work doesn’t belong to you anymore. What would you do?

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What is Your Genre?

The room is dark, your candles burn low. Your lover has given up calling you back to bed, and is snoring gently in the other room. But you have important work to do.

Yes, you have a murder to plot.

And somewhere a forbidden romance is swelling to it’s climax.

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The Strange Painter (Under 500 Fiction)

I found her along the ruins of a wall, painting symbols and figures that made no sense to me. She was an ancient thing, with four legs supporting a hunched torso, and two lanky arms that nearly touched the grass when she bent them.

She dipped her slender, bony fingers into the pouches that hung around of her neck, and brought them out, dripping with paint.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

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